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2-3 years of service experience is a must!

The Server is positioned as a primary member of FOH staff.


As a controller of his/her section and immediate surroundings, the Server’s activities necessitate direct customer interaction, orchestrating table service and mentoring his/her Busser/Runner(s) with first-rate Serving practices.


The Server’s leading duty is to take orders, serve food and beverages to patrons throughout their designated serving area. The Server independently performs his/her duties or is supported by secondary staff members, such as Bussers and Runners.


As a self-paced position the Server is knowledgeable on all aspects of floor service. The Server recognizes that consistency and accuracy is key in serving customers.


It is most expected for customers to receive exactly what they ordered, moreover, those items’ share an unchanging presentation, ingredients, taste, and temperature; reflective of the Swamp Boil brand. As a precautionary measure, the Server acts as a filter, disallowing incomplete and/or inconsistent menu items from reaching a customer’s table.


In addition, as an on-site mentor, the Server gradually empowers his/her fellow Bussers and Runners by involving them in service activities and incorporating lessons without compromising service. The incumbent reports directly to the on-site Floor Manager.


The position requires a fast-paced, organized self-driven leader who possesses the ability to perform calmly in a fast paced dynamic restaurant environment.


Ability to work on you
COVID-19 considerations:
All staff and guests are expected to wear a mask and follow strict sanitary guidelines.

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