Welcome to Swamp Boil

Welcome to Swamp Boil, Gainesville’s premier Vietnamese-Cajun restaurant. Established in July 2020, Swamp Boil combines the exciting experience of Cajun seafood boils with the freshness and aromatics of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The result is a hands on, high-energy culinary experience that immerses all five senses. It’s perfect for family meals, gatherings, and celebrations.

Swamp Boil is a family-owned and operated business spearheaded by mother and son, Loan Bui and Son Vo. Residents of Gainesville since 2003, the family has grown alongside the evolving city and is now proud to be a part of its growth. Now a part of the rich and vibrant hospitality community, they wish to bring some spice to the scene through their love of food and dining.